Are you visiting Switzerland with your vehicle?

The rules of the road are similar in many countries, yet there are differences. Swiss Road Rules explains and clarifies these for Switzerland.

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Explanations of the traffic signs and driving rights at right of way, intersections or traffic lights.


The app is constantly being supplemented, expanded and adapted.

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Are you visiting Switzerland with your vehicle or renting one?

Swiss Road Rules explains and clarifies traffic signs, traffic signs with explanations, driving and right of way at intersections with traffic lights or simply habits especially for switzerland.

The Swiss Road Rules app is an affair of the heart. I've had the idea for years, but never got around to implementing it. I would like to explain the intricacies of Swiss road traffic to you in as simple a way as possible

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about me

Herr Walo Hunziker

I learned to be a car mechanic - this profession was my passion - and immediately afterwards I did a second apprenticeship as a commercial employee. After a few years as a car mechanic and commercial employee in the car trade, I was drawn back to school and did further training, which I completed with the "Höhere Wirtschaftsdiplom KLZ".

I always liked driving passengers. After several years in administration, I changed careers and became a professional limousine driver. For many years I drove ambassadors and guests in Switzerland. It was a job I enjoyed very much, and it was exciting, challenging and also instructive. In all these years, I met people and was taken to places I would never have experienced otherwise.

Professional career
logo   Apprenticeship as a car mechanic
logo   Apprenticeship as a commercial clerk
logo   Employee in administration and management in the car industry
logo   Diploma "Höheres Wirtschaftsdiplom KLZ" (Higher Business Diploma KLZ)
logo   Employee in the financial sector
logo   Ambassadorial senior chauffeur
logo   Driver of public buses for Bernmobil


I have been working as a public bus driver for Bernmobil since 2020. Getting passengers to their destinations safely and as punctually as possible has become my second passion.


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